2. Roster & Shifts

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2.2 Shift Reporting & Fallback

2.2.1 Shift Reporting

Agent on the shift to report on #customersuccess as soon as they join the shift.
a. Time of the message will be considered as the actual shift joining time.
b. Acceptable late time = 5 minutes past shift starting time

2.2.2 Shift Fallback mechanism


There will be a 3-step fallback mechanism with each step being resorted to if the previous one fails to work.

Step 1: Agent joining in the next/previous shift is required to cover the current shift in case of no-show by agent scheduled.
Step 2: Any of the remaining agents are requested to cover the current shift
Step 3: CS Lead takes over control of Freshchat & Slack temporarily until either:
a. Fallback mechanism Steps 1 & 2 work; or
b. Agent scheduled eventually joins

2.2.3 Penalty for no-show

Joining > 5 mins late
3 or more instances in a month
1 day of Flexi Leave to be deducted
Joining > 1 hr late
Every instance
Book leave on Keka for time from shift starting to eventual shift joining
No intimation of no-show
Every instance
1 day of Leave to be deducted
3rd instance of no-show in a month
Agent will be put on the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for 30 days and monitored closely.
There are no rows in this table

2.2.4 Reward for Agents providing cover

Agents providing cover in the above manner will be entitled to corresponding hours of compensatory Flexi Leave added to their leave balance.

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