2. Roster & Shifts

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2.1 Monthly Roster Process

Who prepares and at what frequency?

CS Lead prepares the Roster for the upcoming month by the 25th of the current month.

Roster location

Points of consideration while preparing the Roster

Shift rotation → Agent on Night shift in the previous month → Give them morning shift in subsequent month
Weekly Offs → (Refer Staff Manual)
Leaves → (Refer Staff Manual)

Roster Fallback Mechanism

Any changes in shifts communicated will be discussed internally and one of the other agents will be required to extended by half a shift or more, according to requirements.
Reward & Penalty for Agents
Compensatory Flexi Leave: The agent covering extra shift/shift hours will receive compensatory flexi leave for the same.
Deduction of Flexi Leave: The agent requesting the change in the shift post creation of roster will be deducted 1 day of Flexi Leave for every 2nd request.

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