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Workspace Functionality

Examples not content

This workspace part of this document supports an asynchronous workshop, but its emphasis is on exploring coda functionality. Thus, only sufficient content is included, relating to the business model generation process or to the unbundling of business models, to provide sensible working examples. A proper discussion of these topics can be found in .

Explanations, discussions and demonstrations

The Display Workspace

Using the original material, perhaps enhanced and extended by the moderator’s own insights and opinions, the example industry-typical business models (
@Private Banking
) can be illustrated on a canvas-like board. The building blocks can be explored individually or in groups, in line with the narrative. As the discussion progresses towards the application of the Unbundling business model pattern, the underlying business models
@Customer Relationship Management
@Product Innovation
@Infrastructure Management
@Bundled Telco
can be displayed or not, to support the story-telling flow.

Interaction, enhancement and additions

The Creative Workspace

Once the participants have understood the principles of the business model generation tools and processes and the opportunity to create individual business models through unbundling, the stage is right for further creativity. The second workspace supports detailed discussion of each of the individual Building Blocks within the canvas:
@Customer Segments
@Value Propositions
@Customer Relationships
@Revenue Streams
@Key Resources
@Key Activities
@Key Partnerships
@Cost Structure
Additional items can be added within the building blocks and these are versioned as Suggested additions, to facilitate discussion and comparison with the original content. Items so added, can be up-voted, using standard coda functionality to tally votes, record voters’ names and document comments. Even while working asynchronously, we can follow other participants contributions [[, votes and comments]].
[[When the allocated time has elapsed - be it minutes, hours or even days - the highest voted additions can be formally adopted and [[automatically]] assigned the status Workshop addition.]]

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