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Experimenting with dynamic workshop documents

A coda Capstone document - Cohort 3Q2022
For some time, I’ve been thinking about ways to better support creative workshop processes. I see many applications where the quality of the deliverables can be greatly enhanced by the use of Cheat Sheets - prepared, well thought out, generic solutions that can be used to start a discussion, to support an appropriate flight level or simply to improve the quality of the results.
In these days of hybrid working, we have come to accept that these workshops might be conducted face-to-face, online or some mixture of the two.
I contend that we also need to include asynchronous working in our portfolio of high-value workshop interactions. This approach obviously supports participants in different time zones and with different daily routines. But - and this is much more important - it also encourages mindfulness and more careful evaluation of available options by all participants. In particular those who happen not to have the loudest voice in the room are given the space needed to express their often very valuable, considered and insightful contributions.
The coda platform appears to provide powerful and useful support for an asynchronous approach, which is discussed in more detail below. The making of this document involved exploring the coda philosophy and experimenting with the functionality to build a first version of dynamic, interactive, asynchronous workshop support.
Feel free to join me on a guided tour through the process by working through the document sequentially. Alternatively, use the Links below to jump to those bits that interest you most.

Asynchronous Workshops

The work process that this document (template) attempts to support and the interactive workspaces.

Business Model Canvas

Background to the Business Model Generation process and to the content used as an example.

Capstone Project

Thoughts and issues related to the process of building the doc, as well as (data) design considerations.
Note: text enclosed in [[double square brackets]] serves as a reminder of open questions, or things that didn’t get included in this version. Please don’t let them disturb your reading.

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