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The Display Workspace

Here you can see the Current Business Model Canvas, reflecting the current state of the discussions.
To facilitate and to focus the discussion, you can collapse or expand one or more groups. Thus, an initial discussion of the customer-facing aspects of the business might display only Customer Segments, Value Propositions and Revenue Streams. As the discussion develops, it might be helpful to expand the Channels and Customer Relationships building blocks also.
If your interest is in the look-and-feel of the unbundled business models or in comparing models side-by-side, you can use the selector below to view individual or multiple unbundled business models. Note that the “business models” Suggested addition and Workshop addition, will only make sense after content has been added in The Creative Workspace.
Note: Some building blocks in the Telco model display without content. This is not the result of missing data in this document, but rather on deliberately empty spaces in the original text. That’s the way it is!
Select Unbundled Business Model:
Infrastructure Management
Current Business Model Canvas
Customer Segments
Value Propositions
Network Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance
Key Activities
Network Maintenance
Services Provisioning
Key Resources
Cost Structure
Economies of scale
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