Salesforce Pack guide
Salesforce Pack guide

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Connect to Salesforce

Use these step-by-step instructions to connect your Coda account to Salesforce. Initial sign-in typically takes less than 2 minutes.

Written Instructions:

1. Click Insert in the upper right of your Coda doc.
2. Select Packs.

3. Click Salesforce, and you will be redirected to Salesforce’s login page
4. After authenticating click ‘Allow’ to grant permission for Coda to access your Salesforce data
5. A window will open asking who can view data from Salesforce. You must allow anyone the doc is shared with the view data in the doc.


6. A second window will open asking who take actions in Salesforce from your Coda doc. Choose whether you would like others to log in to their own Salesforce account to make updates to Salesforce (recommended), or if you would like each user to make updates from your personal SalesForce account.
Only you: If other doc editors want to update Salesforce records from your doc, they will need to log in with their own Salesforce account to do so. This is recommended for docs shared with others.
Anyone this doc is shared with: Anyone with access to this doc can use your personal Salesforce authorization credentials to create records in Salesforce. This will create new records in Salesforce as though they were created by you.

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