READINGS for Process Analysis

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Too Many Bananas

by David R. Counts

Discussion and Critical Thinking

Counts doesn’t state his thesis until the end of the essay. Even then it is not directly stated. How would you put his thesis into words?
What does Sara teach Counts about gifts?
Counts call this essay, “Too Many Bananas,” which refers to only one step in his process of learning about gift exchange. Can you think of a better title?
In paragraph 8 (“Now, what must be kept in mind…”), the author says that his family was still buying food, despite no longer using money to do so. Is he? What are the differences in the ways that he and the villagers think about buying food?
Counts uses an unusual approach to process writing here. What structures his essay instead of the traditional progression of small steps leading to a completed process?
What other rhetorical patterns are present in this essay?
Are any of Counts’ steps unclear? Which one or ones?

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