READINGS for Process Analysis

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Outdoor Cooking

by Jearl Walker

Task List

Read the embedded selection
Complete ‘discussion and critical thinking’
Complete ‘suggestion for writing’

The Reading

Discussion and Critical Thinking

What are the differences between conduction, convection, and radiation? How do the three sometimes work together in the process described in paragraph 7?
In the process described in paragraphs 8-10, what aspects does Walker describe in most detail? How do his earlier definitions help him in explaining the process?
What devices used in the same process does Walker describe? Does he give a full description of each device, or does he describe only those parts needed in cooking?
What devices used in frying food does Walker describe in paragraphs 11-14? How detailed is his description of each device?
Is Walker writing to readers unfamiliar with laws of physics and cooking techniques? Or does he assume that his readers vary in knowledge and experience?

Suggestion for Writing

Describe one of the following processes or another that you have performed often enough to explain thoroughly. Explain your terms and steps of the process in nontechnical language that readers who are unfamiliar with it will understand:
seeding and tending a lawn or garden
growing tomatoes or another fruit or vegetable
cutting down a dead tree
carving a turkey
mastering a difficult technique in learning to play a musical instrument or to draw or paint
repairing a small motor or other equipment

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