READINGS for Process Analysis

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How to Sort Lentils

by Jerry Ryle

Discussion and Critical Thinking

What is Ryle’s thesis? Is it stated or unstated?
What are the steps in the process? What words does the author use to signal he is moving to a new step?
Does Ryle follow the process analysis essay composing advice of “try to anticipate difficulties”?
Why does the essay end with the statement that “you probably did it wrong”?
If you considered this passage to be entirely factual, how would it affect your view of its usefulness?
At what point in the essay does it become clear that this is not a serious discussion of how to sort lentils?
What is the effect of Ryle’s use of complex scientific terminology like “a NIST-traceable stopwatch” and “spectrophotometer”? Why do you think he doesn’t bother defining them?
Ryle’s essay is written by a fictional French chef. What can you tell about that fictional character’s personality from reading the essay?
This essay was originally accompanied by photographs. Are there any moments when the absence of pictures is a problem for the essay?
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