READINGS for Process Analysis

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The Habitation of the Shrimp

by Rachel Carson

Task List

Read the embedded selection
Complete discussion and critical thinking
Complete writing assignment
For this task, choose only one of the available options.

The Reading

Discussion and Critical Thinking

What natural process does Rachel Carson describe in paragraph 1? What phases/stages does she distinguish? What natural process does she describe in paragraph 2?
Is the account of each process chronological? If not, how do you explain the departure from chronological order?
This process analysis serves to develop an impression of the Florida Keys. What is that impression, and what do the details of the passage contribute to it?

Writing Assignment

Remember, choose only one of the following options!
Describe in detail the life cycle or some behavioral pattern of a plant or animal you find interesting. Develop your description along the lines of Carson's description of the shrimp.
In a couple of well-developed paragraphs, describe a process you have performed or observed in a science course or on a field trip. If you depart from strict chronological order, be ready to justify your departure.
This passage contains two natural processes in one, the life-cycle of the shrimp and an interference by humans in that cycle. The effects of human interaction (typically in the form of interference—but which is not the case here) with nature is, in fact, a major theme of all Carson’s writing. Choose two natural processes you know well and describe them convincingly to an interested reader unfamiliar with the phenomena you are describing, drawing on your experience or imagination to give a lively description. But in your description add a detail or event that shows that these natural processes have in some way crossed paths with by human beings. Explain why and how you think this might have happened.

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