READINGS for Process Analysis

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How the Spider Spins Its Web

by John Richards

Task List

Read the embedded selection
Complete ‘discussion and critical thinking’
Complete ‘suggestion for writing’

The Reading

Discussion and Critical Thinking

When must the spider take account of the place or setting and the weather in spinning the web?
How does the spider spin a temporary spiral, and what is its purpose?
What details does Richards stress to show that the orb-webs are “masterpieces of construction”?
At which points in his description does Richards pause to give additional information or comment on the process?

Suggestion for Writing

Make several observations of a natural process similar to the one Richards describes—for example, a bird building a nest, a grasshopper leaping through the grass, a dog swimming, or an ant moving a grain of sand. Then write a description of the process, explaining your terms and the steps of the process for readers unfamiliar with it.

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