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The pages in this section include the behind-the-scenes tables needed for the review. The administrator should make the below updates to this doc before sharing it with employees.
Update #1: Update the introduction, colors and and cover images of the doc.
To make my doc feel consistent throughout, I chose to use yellow buttons and old/antique books and map cover images. You should update these images to make the doc feel like your organization’s culture and brand. You can update cover images to one of our included library of images, or upload branded images to use.
(update the color)

Update #2: Update the tables in this Admin section to use your preferred items and questions.
This performance review includes mock competencies and goals. You should add your own to the tables in this section.
The following changes are easy and shouldn’t cause an issue:
Add or remove rated items to the core values, competencies, and goals section
Add or remove open ended items
Update the section weight percentages
The following changes are also possible, but you probably need to update other pieces of the doc as well to ensure a good experience:
Add or remove a section (will need to add or remove corresponding pages)
Remove weighting (will impact the overall rating calculation)

Update #3: Clear the template of fake data and prepare it for your employees

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