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Q: What happens if I’m sick/swamped?
A: Let Isa, Catt, or someone from Operations know. We’ll make sure there’s coverage.
Q: What if I disagree that something should be followed up on?
A: Talk to Isa or Catt asap. Perspective is everything, and mistakes happen, so lets be collaborative!
Q: What if I don’t feel confident about how I should follow up on something/I need some advice?
A: Ask any QA, or a more seasoned TL! Following up can be tricky sometimes, so lets all help each other make good choices.
Q: I see a DSAT that was marked as needing escalated follow up - why doesn’t that show up as not meeting the goal? Do I need to do something about that?
A: Nope! In cases where QA sees something extremely urgent, sensitive, legal etc. that needs follow up, we’ll select “Yes (requires escalated handling)” as the option for follow up. We’ll then re-open the conversation right away, move to the Escalations inbox, and either handle it immediately or leave notes on following up/flag in the escalations Slack channel, to make sure its done quickly and our bases are covered. These cases should be minimal.
Q: What time zone are you checking in?
A: All QAs have their Playvox/Intercom set to UTC-5 (EDT), so we’re all pulling the same data.
Q: Is it exactly 24 hours to follow up? When is EOD?
A: Its 24 hours on the most generous side of things! You’ll have until Midnight AoE time (UTC-12) the day after we submitted the DSAT in Playvox. So, for example:
QA Submits a review for a 1-star DSAT that needs follow up on Tuesday at any time.

You have until Midnight Wednesday in AoE to follow up (7:00 EDT on Thursday).

The shortest time gap you could possibly have to follow up is 31 hours during the work-week. QA will always prioritize DSATs earlier in the day.

QA - Q&A

Q: What happens if I’m sick/swamped?
A: Same as always, let Catt know right away!
Q: Help, the DSAT filter is pulling conversations I’ve already looked at/someone else has reviewed previously!
A: Yep, that’ll happen! The DSAT filters will pull all conversations updated within the time bounds you’ve set that also have the DSAT rating assigned. If its already been evaluated, it will say so right in the preview, and you can go ahead and skip it. For the first few weeks, Catt will also manually be double checking that we’re not missing any.
Q: I don’t know if something should be followed up on/I’m not 100% confident in the drivers I’ve chosen.
A: Mention Catt or Isa in a note on the review. We’ll get it sorted asap!
Q: What time zone do I need to be in?
A: Please set all systems to UTC-5 (EDT)

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