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Intro to DSATs

What is this process?
The DSAT process is how we analyze, interpret, and react to negative Customer Satisfaction (CSAT Ratings).
How does it work?
This system functions as a back-and-forth between TLs and QA, ensuring quality, timely follow ups on conversations, and consistent tracking and coaching around behavioral issues that negatively impact the company’s CSAT rating.
DSAT Process Flow Chart.png
Why do this?
DSATs are an important diagnostic opportunity for viewing rep performance, and improving the quality of our overall customer service.
DSATs that don’t relate to reps are useful for looking at processes and product issues that are causing negative customer sentiment.
If I have questions, who do I ask?
Isa is the valiant champion of our DSATs, but Catt can also help!
Where do I start?
Team Leads
Your role and responsibilities
Where/when the data happens
Checking for follow ups
Your role and responsibilities
Where/when the data happens
Filling out DSAT reviews
Example - Reaction

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