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L. Acronyms for English Language Instruction

ELD: English Language Development, a class that teaches English to students who speak another language
ESL: English as a Second Language, an approach that teaches students who are not native English speakers in English
ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages
LEP: Limited English Proficiency, a term for students whose English is not developed enough to succeed in English-only classrooms
TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
SLA: Second Language Acquisition
ELT: English Language Teaching, a term that covers all aspects of teaching English
TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, an acronym for teaching students who do not speak English as their first language
ELL: English Language Learner, a student who is age 5 or older and is learning English as a second language
EL: English Learner, synonymous with ELL
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