Boon Employer Setup Guide

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Boon Employer Setup Guide

👋 Welcome!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards supercharging your recruitment efforts with Boon. This portal is your gateway to a smoother, more efficient hiring process designed exclusively for our month-to-month customers.
Here, you'll find everything you need to get started:
: Step-by-step instructions to quickly set up your Boon account.
: Practical advice for making the most of your Boon experience right from the start.
: Discover how to leverage Boon's key features to your advantage.
We've streamlined this portal to ensure you can easily navigate through the initial setup and beyond. While you're here, we encourage you to explore and familiarize yourself with the various tools and resources at your disposal.
Remember, this journey is about unlocking the full potential of your recruitment strategy with Boon. We're excited to see the incredible impact Boon will have on your hiring process.
Happy Hiring,
The Boon Team

Get Started

Optimize your account and set the stage for effective recruitment, by following these key steps to quickly harness Boon's full potential!

1. Confirm Company Profile Details

Ensure your company profile is up-to-date with accurate information by visiting the in the admin panel. A complete profile is essential for presenting your company attractively to potential candidates.

2. Upload Jobs/Create Departments for Referrals

Within the of the admin panel, you'll find sub-tabs for both Jobs and Departments. You can manually add job posts, import them in bulk via CSV under Jobs, or create more general Department posts, often used for evergreen roles. This ensures your team has a variety of referral opportunities to share.

3. Set Up and Apply Reward Templates

1. Create Reward Templates: Streamline your referral process by creating reward templates under the . Ensure you have at least one template ready for use.
2. Apply Rewards to Jobs/Departments: Apply your templates to the relevant jobs or departments by navigating to the . Doing this allows you to associate specific rewards with particular roles or departmental referrals, enhancing the incentive program's appeal.
Enhance Engagement with Reward Automation
Unlock the full potential of your referral program with Boon's advanced reward automation, available exclusively for Pro-tier customers and above. Our sophisticated engine streamlines the assignment of rewards, tailoring them to specific job attributes, referral sources, and candidate qualifications.
By automating management, tracking, and payout, you not only save valuable time but also boost the effectiveness of your incentives. Upgrade to a Pro-tier plan to make your incentive program effortlessly compelling and remarkably efficient.

4. Add and Invite Your Team

Within the of the admin panel you can add team members individually or in bulk through CSV. You have the flexibility to send invites immediately or at a later time.
Additionally, use your general invite link and domain whitelisting for an even smoother team onboarding experience. can be found in the .

5. Share the One-Click Referral Link

Your one-click referral link, accessible from the () or the (), simplifies the referral process with no login required.
Easily integrate this link into various communication channels:
Email Signatures: Embed the link in your team's email signatures for constant visibility.
QR Codes: Create QR codes linked to your one-click referral form and display them around your workplace.
One-Click Mobile Referrals: Save the one click referral form to your mobile device. .
Digital Platforms:
Internal Communication Tools: Add the link to Slack, Teams, or Google Chat.
Company Content: Include the link in newsletters, memos, or during stand-up meeting notes to keep it top of mind.
Intranet & LMS: Pin or embed the link in your internal systems for easy access.
Leveraging the one-click referral link in these ways streamlines the referral process and enhances engagement opportunities across your organization's network.

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