Boon Employer Account Setup Guide - Lite Tier

👋 Welcome!

Congratulations on supercharging your recruitment efforts with Boon! This guide is your gateway to a smoother, more efficient hiring process designed exclusively for our month-to-month customers.
We've streamlined this guide to ensure you can easily navigate through the initial setup and beyond. While you're here, we encourage you to explore and familiarize yourself with the various tools and resources at your disposal.
Remember, this journey is about unlocking the full potential of your recruitment strategy with Boon. We're excited to see the incredible impact Boon will have on your hiring process.
Happy Hiring,
The Boon Team

Get Started

Optimize your account and set the stage for effective recruitment, by following these key steps to quickly harness Boon's full potential!

1. Confirm Company Profile Details

Ensure your company profile is up-to-date with accurate information by visiting the in the admin panel. A complete profile is essential for presenting your company attractively to potential candidates.

2. Upload Jobs/Create Departments

Create departments, list individual jobs, or import job listings.

3. Create and Apply Reward Templates

4. Add and Invite Your Team

Complete these team onboarding guides to boost user adoption, drive engagement, and maximize your ROI!

5. Share the One-Click Referral Link

Your one-click referral link, accelerates adoption, increases accessibility, and simplifies the referral process with no login required!

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