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Table 1
Landing Answers
CodaFi Design Team Answers
Message new buyers
Why does the start with the Inbox, instead of a Retailer profile?
A brand can only message a retailer from their profile the first time they message them.
Message new buyers
When messaging retailers from the Inbox, why is there an “introduction” template option in a new message drop-down menu?
First-time messages to retailers have to be stared from the Retailer’s profile.
Messaging - Admin
Should the Inbox have everything in one page, or separated into “Inbox” and “Subscriptions”?
According to “”, there should be “A SUBSCRIBER section, where a SUBSCRIBER can receive/reply to/from ADMIN messages”.
Messaging - Admin
If there is more than one mailbox (Inbox and Subscriptions), what should we call the messages section? a Message Center?
Message new buyers
Can all retailers initiate/send unlimited messages to brands? Or only "approved" retailers can? How does a retailer become "approved"??
Yes, all retailers can initiate/send messages to brands. “Approved” means they’ve been approved for the platform. If they’re rejected, they won’t be on the platform at all. - Sarah C
Message new buyers
Messaging - Admin
Will deleted messages be permanently deleted? Or can they be recovered? If yes, for how long?
If possible (depending on server limitations), between 6 months and a year - Sarah C
For Message New Buyer, the decision was to not have the option to delete messages. - Vivian
Message new buyers
Do we need to integrate “Message New Buyers” with the “Clean Beauty” feature?
No - Sarah C
Message new buyers
What is the difference between Landing Reference ID and Reference ID?
Landing Reference ID → Landing generated
Reference ID → retailer chooses this ID number
A retailer could order from multiple brands, which would all be on one retailer reference ID.
But that order would have multiple Landing reference IDs associated with it.
- Sarah C
Message new buyers
What is the difference between “Message New Buyer”, “Message Existing Retailer, First Message”, and “Message Existing Retailer, Subsequent Message”?
Because messaging from brands to retailers is now being introduced, Landing wants to ease this feature in so Retailers aren’t overwhelmed. That’s why a Retailer must respond to a first message - whether or not it is a new or existing relationship - before the brand can send unlimited messages to the Retailer about existing orders or new products. - Sarah C
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