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Tips for making the most of Coda

There are a few ways to get a “quick tour” of Coda once you’re in a doc. Some favorites are:
The Explore Panel
Click the ‘Explore’ button in the upper right hand corner of your doc to open up a panel and browse all the building blocks Coda has to offerーfrom drag-and-drop templates to text formatting to table options to third-party packs and more.
The Slash Command
It’s like the Explore panel, but wherever your cursor is. Just type / (and a few characters if you know what you’re looking for)
Coda’s incredible learn doc contains everything from the basics to recommendations for common patterns to tips for establishing your information hierarchy. You can copy the doc for a custom learning plan, and take a few exercises for a spin.
On Coda’s YouTube series you can find Maria taking you from the basics to a comprehensive “business in a box” set of solutions, as well as Coda’s CEO Shishir showing other tech execs how to make solutions in Coda. There are handy webinar recordings and interviews with other Coda users (they call them “Makers”), too.
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If you’re curious to know more about some of the powerful features that are similar-enough-yet-different from Notion, check out the set of pages in the navigation at the top of this page.
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