Tips for making the most of Coda

Drag-and-drop Templates

Who needs template buttons?
While Coda has a seemingly endless number of building blocks to make your own custom docs, workflows, templates and other resources, they’ve also codified their most frequently-used combinations into drag-and-drop templates
You can use drag-and-drop templates to quickly add everything from a table to track your UPS, FedEx and USPS packages, a task board, a project brief or even a quick “Hey, how’re we doing?” sentiment tracker for your team.
If you know which template you’d like to use, you can use the / command in Coda to just start typing things like /pulse to quickly add a template for gauging team sentiment.
If you prefer to browse, simply click the ‘Explore’ option in the upper right hand corner of your doc.

Note that these templates are not user-definedーthey’re universal. If you do configure your own solution, you have a few options to duplicate it as needed for your ongoing use:
For a single page: If your template takes up a single page, you can hover over the page in the left hand nav to expose an ellipsis menu icon; click it and select “Duplicate” to copy the page
For an entire doc: If your template spans multiple pages, you can insert a “Copy Doc” button anywhere in it to quickly spin up a copy for future use
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