Tips for making the most of Coda

Buttons & Automations

With Coda, you can build custom buttons and automationsーand you can use them together to create things like automated team reminders so you can Slack your team a reminder to update their snippets before a stand-up every Monday, or rotate recurring responsibilities among teammates.
The best resources I’ve dug up on these features in Coda:
An overview of Buttons from the Coda team, with tips on how to make more advanced options
In addition to explaining how to use automations, you can copy this doc to “peek under the hood” at how teams set-up popular patterns
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💡Tip: As I noted in the
row of the table, Reminders will render as dates or date-times in Coda without the notification element. You can substitute automations or a combination of automations + buttons to achieve a similar functionality in Coda.
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