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Using the Importer

The Coda team has a thorough FAQ with the steps to export your content (as HTML!) from Notion, and then upload it to Coda. .
🚨 Heads Up: Notion treats each row of a table as its own page when exported to HTML. This can result in a lot of blank pages, which Coda will skip importing since it renders the table without referencing the source page. This means you don’t have to freak out if you see Notion export hundreds of pages, and Coda import 1/10th as many pages!
After you import your Notion data, there are a few areas where the differences between Coda and Notion require a little extra attention and finesse. I’ve outlined them in the table below, and provided more tips in the rest of this doc. Note that in a few cases, Coda offers a feature, but the HTML export from Notion doesn’t retain it. I’ll get into more detail on how to recreate common patterns in Coda on the following pages.
Expand the table below for more info on some features that translate uniquely between Notion and Coda:
Notion Feature Translation

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