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Your professional development hub

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This hub is a space for all materials related to your professional development journey. The primary function of this doc is to help you manage your professional and personal growth and everything that entails, from applications to relationships to emails (see for more information). While originally designed for students and new grads, this document can be used by anyone pursuing professional development and mentorship.
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We spend a lot of our time at work - it’s no surprise that people are more fulfilled when they have a career that maps closely to their personal values. This section exists to help you figure out what is it exactly you want out of your career, and what your values might indicate about what fulfills you. In addition to a bio section and resources that help you figure out what you’d like to do, it also includes a skills tracker and reading list to help you keep track of your personal growth.

This simple but very important page helps you track roles and deadlines for job or internship applications.

are modifiable templates suitable for introductions, following up, and catching up. Integrate your Gmail account to add drafts to your inbox directly from Coda.
The contains questions to ask during an informational or job interview, categorized into “About You", "Skills & Experience", “Value”, “Industry Future”, and “End of Job Interview” sections. This list can also be duplicated for note-taking during a meeting.
The contains tips and guiding questions to help you best tailor your resume to a job description. Practice in the .
The describes how to write a concise, compelling cover letter. It includes general do's and don'ts, in-depth suggestions, and a step by step guide, along with a and .

Talking to others can reveal unique personal perspectives on paths, challenges, and opportunities that you might not be able to glean from a Google search. Mentor and mentee relationships are not only opportunities to gain/share/provide food for thought, but also help with learning and exploration, accountability, and support regarding professional and personal development. In the midst of a global pandemic, maintaining online mentor and mentee relationships are more important than ever.
Manage meaningful professional relationships from this page - keep track of important contacts, mentors/mentee information, and mentor/mentee meeting notes.

📌 Getting started with this document

This hub (with all its components) might be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to Coda. But being able to track and manage professional relationships, personal development, and applications in one place allows you to more easily organize your career planning. Figuring out what you want to do and where you want to do it is hard enough already - hopefully, this document simplifies the process. Here are a few instructions for getting started:
Copy this document by clicking the “Copy Doc” button on the top right of the screen
Connect your Gmail account to this doc by clicking “Explore” in the top right ➡️ “Packs & Import” ➡️ “Gmail” ➡️ “Settings”
Play around with the pages!
A good starting point is , or if it’s application season, the
Add your contacts in
Read over and/or modify templates, input application information, add mentors.... You can delete these instructions once you’re through. I hope this document is useful!

And in case you’re interested,

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