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Dear Hannah and the Coda team,
As someone whose core values are curiosity and authenticity, my aspiration is to help purpose-driven companies find their brand-audience fit. This involves understanding customers and what drives them, and I believe the GAP program at Coda allows me to immerse myself in learning about GTM strategy while contributing to a company and product I love. Here’s why I want to work for coda and how I can add value:
I have prior experience in brand strategy at both larger brand agencies (Superunion/WPP) and boutique studios across New York, Berlin, and Shanghai. In addition, my experiences in UX and strategic consulting have helped me build a varied toolkit including product and design thinking, needs analysis, storytelling, and copywriting.
On that note, I’ve started related projects that, combined with past roles in brand strategy and UX, help me more critically assess experiences across all touchpoints. In response to the many small food businesses I've seen affected by Covid-19, I wrote a wanting to take this time to rebrand and be in a stronger position post-pandemic. It articulates how to create a compelling, consistent brand experience while being free from jargon for new audiences. (It’s on Coda!) A project I’m currently working on is “14 Days of DTC” - I’m reviewing one new DTC brand a day across all aspects of my consumer experience.
I also have experience in business development - I helped with outreach to prospective customers for Sequoia-backed startup re:store (recently acquired by B8ta). This involved emailing businesses whose brands were aligned with the startup’s purpose and referencing our value alignment to convince them to sign up.
In addition, I believe I have a global perspective on interactions, design, and consumer behavior (due to the unique nature of my college program, I’ve lived in the US, UK, China, India, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, and Korea). I spend a lot of time thinking about how trends and consumer/technological adoption differ across cultures, as well as how culture affects the perception of brands. I’d love to bring my perspective to Coda.
Last but not least, my unique education at Minerva Schools means I’ve not only had in-depth experiences with online collaboration tools for the past four years but also learned to be flexible across different work environments and cultures. I would love to learn from such an incredible team, and am excited to contribute to Coda’s growth and to help partners and customers get the most out of their docs. Thank you for your time - I hope we have a chance to explore the value I can bring to the team.
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