Atlan Vision Council

An advisory board dedicated to upholding, supporting, developing and steering the Vision & Mission of Atlan. Being a part of this council is an honor, that speaks to your dedication and passion for this community endeavor.
Who can join the Vision Council?:
Initially the Vision Council will be comprised of all the members from the Founders Circle.
After 5 years of being on the Stewardship Council (need not be consecutive terms), you may propose to join on the Vision Council. The Stewardship Council may also nominate members to the VC (after 5 years).
To be inducted, the VC and SC both need to approve this addition
Once you are on the VC, you may be on this council for perpetuity. However every 5 years you need to re-propose your membership to the VC for approval to stay aboard.
A member may decide to resign or be removed by consensus minus one. [So not allowed to resign by own decision??]
In the event that anyone ever steps down from being in the Vision Council they can join the Founders Circle and serve as community historians and a resource for current Vision Council members (the purpose of the Founders Circle).
Benefits of serving on the Vision Council:
Guide the long term cohesion of the Atlan Community vision.
Waiver of CM Contribution dues?
Same discounts as SC.
[What else?]
Responsibilities of the Vision Council:
The vision council typically meets 1-2 times annually. There will be an Annual Vision Council meeting at the start of the year. The VC meet with the SC at least annually.
In time, members of the VC do not need to be actively serving on the SC, yet they ought to be generally aware and tracking of the decisions being made by the SC.
Has the right to make the reserved decisions on the list below. Before any of these decisions are put into action, there will be due diligence and the VC will notify the SC before action is made. (This partial list was pulled from the current OA for decisions reserved for equity members. Shifting these decisions to a group with long term commitment and understanding of the project vs the investors CIrcle (EM) who may contribute financially yet not have a desire to be actively involved in maintaining the vision of Atlan)
1.To sell, lease, exchange, mortgage, pledge, or otherwise transfer or dispose of all or substantially all of the property or assets of the Company; [Jacqui needs to check if it is legal to give this right to any group other than the owners. To the extent that it isn’t legal for non owners to decide the things listed here and below we will have to move them into the EM category of decisions.]
2. To merge the Company with any other entity;
3. To amend the Articles of Organization of the Company or Operating Agreements;
4. To change the nature of the business of the Company;
5. To commence a voluntary bankruptcy case for the Company;
6. To authorize additional classes of membership within the Company and to define the rights and privileges of those classes;
7. To admit individuals as Equity Members (investors Circle)
8. To authorize the creation of subsidiaries of the Company and new community partner companies such as cooperatives and land trusts.
9. The power to Veto nominations and appointments to the SC [vetos for any other decisions/ Other check and balances?]
10. To set the aim and domain of the Stewardship Council.
11. To set the Vision and Mission of the Atlan Community and adjust it as community needs change over time while honoring the original Founders’ Circle vision as closely as possible.
12. To approve or deny applications to be inducted to the Vision Council.
13. In the event of a failure of the Stewardship Council to carry outs its duties, the Vision Council has the right to step in and carry out the duties on behalf of the Stewardship Council.
14. In the event that the Stewardship Council is unable to come to a final decision on an item that it is responsible for deciding then the Stewardship Council has the right to hire an expert, and to deliberate with that expert, and the decision of that expert shall be binding on the Stewardship Council as though the Stewardship Council had made that decision via unanimous approval.
[Note that I removed reference to Atlan LLC in this section because the Vision Council IS Atlan LLC, the Vision Council is the vision holder of the entity that owns Atlan.]
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