Atlan Land Trust

Atlan Land Trust
[Note: I’d like to see the Stewardship and Vision Councils up and running in an administrative sense and the community earning its own way in terms of paying for expenses such as legal expense with revenue rather than capital contributions before we dive into creating yet another large administrative body that will require very engaged participants in order to operate. I love the concept of a land trust but they can be big cumbersome entities that are usually run by people employed to do so. In the mean time I propose that Atlan consider a form of conservation easement or deed restriction for the portion of the land that will be managed as a nature reserve (this will be as easy as drafting up a document to record in the public record and then having the SC manage the land according to the recorded document. That isn’t to say you can’t do a Land trust it is just more of a wait and make sure there are people/time/resources/cash flow etc to handle it.]
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