Atlan Contributing Member

Specific designation for members of the Atlan Community who have resonance with the Vision/ Mission of Atlan and regularly contribute time and/or money to the intentional community and want to be a member of the intentional community.
Who can be a CM?: This is the fundamental designation for those who want to be involved/considered a part of the intentional community in the most expansive sense. Examples of CMs include neighboring families, individuals that live in Portland and consider themselves a part of Atlan, those living in the Kinnectar Cabin or co-op housing, those in leadership roles, etc.. CM ideally actively participate at least quarterly
CM Benefits:
May participate in Atlan run community events/ceremonies for free (or at a reduced rate for events with outside costs).
May participate in community pods (such as Garden Pod, Co-Lab Pod, etc.)
May make proposals for the development of special projects within the community.
Are eligible to rent a living space within the project for up to _2_ years.
Are eligible to camp weekends and seasonally on the property.
May rent community facilities at a discounted rate (including Kin:nectar cabin)
(note that the artifactory dues are already set at CM benefits).
Are eligible to serve on the Stewardship Council in leadership roles and as representatives of other circles such as pod circles.
CM Contributions are waived for CMs who are Pod leaders or serving on Stewardship Council.
CM Responsibilities:
Agree to and follow the Community Agreements.
Pay CM Contribution in the form of dues and or work hours. Hours may be counted towards membership when they are above basic service hours and they are requested for a specific project with prior proposal and agreement. Tracking will be on a set shared accounting system which members must self update quarterly and present for review. The SC will assist with prioritized list. There can be two types of membership: All inclusive (can come to any event and its covered) or a Base membership + pay as you go for other amenities. Need a clean system with invoicing and online payment options. Dues may be paid yearly or quarterly.
CM Contribution:
Annual Dues in the amount of $_______ or $______ with ___ hours of community enhancement hours. (Work hours would come from a list of priorities created by the SC). Membership can be individual or a household
[What this annual dues number should represent is the annual operating costs of running the Atlan Intentional Community divided by the optimal amount of participants for the Atlan Intentional Community. This helps make the community sustainable by providing for the operational basics in an ongoing manner. For those who want to participate but can’t afford the dues, there is a service option to provide the community with equivalent value. These dues should keep the community afloat so that it can sustain perpetually.]
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