Atlan Dynamic Structure Transition Plan

Purpose: Reimagining the “business” structure of the Atlan community to provide for long term community sustainability through inclusive governance, membership options, and financial contributions.
Contributing Member
Vision Council
Pod Circles
Equity Member
Stewardship Council
Co-ops, Living Facilities,
Community Member
Community Council
Founders Circle
Special Projects
There are no rows in this table

Membership Types: Everyone involved with the Atlan Intentional Community will be a Contributing Member (except for those that just want to be on the outreach email list and come to visitor days, or who put their membership in the community on hold). Some Contributing Members may elect to become Equity Members by buying into the community via a set investment of time and/or money thereby becoming co-owners of the community. Atlan may create additional types of memberships in the future as needed. Rights and responsibilities of each membership type are outlined in the Contributing Member and Equity Member descriptions below.
Councils: The two councils represent the top decision making and management “circles” of the dynamic governance structure of the Atlan Intentional Community. Each council has a complementary set of defined responsibilities (outlined below in the Vision Council and Stewardship Council descriptions) that facilitate the operating of the Atlan Intentional Community.
Circles: Each “Pod” (such as garden pod, artifactory pod, etc), special project, living facility (such as Kinnectar Cabin and Anahatlan) is a circle for the purposes of dynamic governance. It is within circles that the management and creation of community resources occurs. There can be as many circles as there is an active need for.

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