Atlan Stewardship Council

An elected council tasked with the responsibility of managing and steering the Atlan Community toward the long-term goals established by the Vision Holders Council and the Atlan Community.
Who can be on the SC?:
The First Stewardship Council: Beginning Late Spring 2019- Spring 2020.
The first SC will be elected by Vision council and will serve for a one year term.
Initially there needs to be at least __ of the Founding Members on the SC for the first year.
Share invitation to Contributing Members(CM) to nominate other CM or self nominate to serve on SC.
Minimum 6 members, max 10 [Any reasoning behind this max?]
Subsequent Stewardship Councils -2020 and beyond
Nominations for SC will all come from Contributing Members and nominees must be current Contributing Members.
There will be an election process hosted by the then current SC. [For SC leadership positions]
Members will serve for a two year term.
Minimum of 6 total, max of 10 members [reasoning? What if there are more than 10 pods/projects one day?]
SC made up of key members of each of the pods/projects/CS/VC. Each pod/project must nominate a member to participate on the SC.
Members can be re-elected for subsequent terms
Benefits of Serving on SC:
Have the opportunity to co:create an intergrous intentional community and the legacy that continues.
Learn leadership and facilitation skills
After completion of 5 years on the council, SC members may apply to be on the Vision Council.
Hours contributed to service on the SC qualify for credit to purchase an ownership interest (to become an Equity Member) if you serve for ____ years then your hours are eligible to “vest.”
Discussion points:
A per month stipend to compensate for leadership/management duties of the elected leadership positions [And what about the pod appointed SC members?] Let’s look at this relative to the budget and how to track accountability, need to complete the duties to be compensated or to receive other benefits. [I think it sounds fair to compensate, it just means Atlan has to earn money to budget for the compensation. This money might come from the CM Contributions].
Additional discount on facility use over and above Contributing Member dues. Discount or waiver on dues? (10% off?)
Access to facilities: Have 2 day/nights free rental of Forest Camp or Co:lab per year if the facility is not being booked by a paying event (up to $350 value)?
Responsibilities of the Stewardship Council:
Management of the Atlan Community.
Authorize financial distributions to Equity Members if distributable cash is available after reserves are full.
Getting the Atlan Community to a point where it is financially independent and capable of providing a modest return to community owners and then maintaining that financial environment.
Collect and track Contributing Member Contributions.
Process and make decisions on applications for Equity Memberships and present to EMs for decision making.
Present decisions to EMs and Vision Counsel as required by amended operating agreement.
Set the annual CM Contribution amounts.
Steering the Atlan Community toward the long-term goals established by the Vision Holders Circle and the Atlan Community.
Listening to the needs and desires of Community Members.
Facilitating movement in the direction of the Community Ideals and the Master Plan.
Understanding and completing the legal and other default world requirements that affect the Community.
Planning and oversight in the maintenance and stewardship of the community’s land and facilities.
Planning and oversight in the development of the community’s land and facilities.
Facilitating agreements between the community and community partners such as CultureSeed, Housing Co-operative(s)
Annual Budgeting for operational costs, projects and proposals.
Approving or denying proposals brought by Contributing Members, Pods, or Community Partners.
Providing an accountability check/balance and review for Atlan projects.
Uphold the Community Agreements, Vision & Mission of Atlan, and the Mission of the Stewardship Council.
Lease, Sublease, subdivide, plat, apply for land use permits, on the land under the stewardship of the Company.
Have editing permissions to all Atlan Google tech.
[Note that I removed reference to Atlan LLC in this section because the Stewardship Council IS Atlan LLC, the Stewardship Council is the manager of the entity that owns Atlan.]
SC Participation Requirements:
Attend all monthly meetings (Usually 2 meetings/mo: 1 Operational and 1 Organizational, min 3+hrs/mo)
Prepare for meetings and complete action items (delegated amongst the council)
Participate in pod breakouts (~5+hrs/mo), Actively participate in one pod and be uplink back to SC on behalf of that pod
Complete onboarding process (how to get up to date with DG, facilitation, communications)
Sign a Stewardship Council participation agreement statement
Participate in a biannual peer review and be willing to receive feedback to improve participation and accountability
Roles within the Council may rotate but may be seasonal (3 month period).
Meeting facilitator
Note Scribe
Agenda/ Minute/ Email reminder coordinator
Time Keeper (including attunements)
Good Vibe Assistant
Action Item Tracker/ Flagger of dropped balls
Accountability tracking within the SC
There are some operational roles (facilities management, admin, maintenance) that are paid positions and these positions may be filled by SC members
“Offboarding process”- to support the training of new members
If a SC member is not being accountable and actively participating (<75% of meetings) then they may be removed by consensus of the rest of the members
Members want to be: Passionate about the work, Qualified (some pertinent skill set to offer), and Available to fulfill the duties outlined (meetings and onboarding).
[Note: Would be good to match up some of the main titles of these roles to the titles used in dynamic governance (See Co-op Bylaws section near the end that talks about roles within circles). Also decide which roles are compensated with a stipend and which are not.]
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