There is always this innate desire to relate yourself to someone, to find someone who would be able to appreciate your experiences. It also does not mean that having similar experiences would have the similar outlook. I am always fascinated with the prospect that I can share similar experience as others but it could have changed our outlook in life in completely different way. What is that thing that tilts us to either side? Why do we even want to choose a side?

In my opinion, we want to choose a side because we want to be included, we want to validated by others who choose the same side. Remaining neutral is a risk. And we often align with the popular opinions. I have always struggled

I believe that we are the sum of our experiences and we always carry that sum with us and keep on adding with new experiences. And the value of an experience is weighted based on how radical it is with our previous accumulation. That is why I think most of the biographies that I read about successful people, stress on the value of traveling and experiencing different cultures with open mind. It’s like an entropy the more random the more information(value) it contains.
In my (unpopular) opinion, we can never learn from others experience, often we fail to learn from our own.

I always felt like an outsider. I don’t mean that I am in completely different side of the spectrum. But somehow I always felt like I don’t belong. Probably that’s the reason I never shared a deep bond with anyone in my childhood. There was no one who I can call as “my best friend”. It definitely does not mean that I was not friendly with people or I lacked the social skills. It maybe that I was scared to share my feelings with.

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