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A frequently requested asset from PMMs with no single “right” way to generate them, Battle Cards can help everyone at your company get up-to-speed quickly on competitors and their perceived advantages/disadvantages.

The template on this page is how we got started building out our program at Coda; feel free to use it to get started for your company, too!
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Competitor XYZ
Talk to Alan Chowansky from the Sales Team - he’s done business with them before.
Competitor Name
Competitor XYZ
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Target AUdience
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Our competitive advantage
Uptime of dashboards (we beat them by over 30%)
User Reviews - We have a 4.7 rating on G2 to their 3.8
Rate of innovation - They’ve had no major upgrades in 6 months
Watch out!
They’ve been known to offer steep discounts on pricing for enterprise - try to avoid a bidding war.
Notable Verticals & Users
Verticals: Business & Industrial Markets, Automotive, Retail
Users/Customers: Canadian Government, Dunder-Mifflin, Anne Hathaway
Notable History
Founded in 1920
Merged with WidgeCore in 2010, tripling company ARR
Additional Notes
Talk to
@Alan Chowansky
from the Sales Team - he’s done business with them before.
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