Overview of the World of Ælia

is a beautiful, lush planet consisting of islands floating in the sky.
Due to a slow spin of the planet, the day and night cycle of
takes months, leaving the planet in 4 long-running seasons (lasting 3 months in real life for our players): Day, Dusk, Night, and Dawn.
The inhabitants of this world are very much like our humans, yet they have constructed their culture around the limited space that they have due to the floating islands. People live in small towns on larger islands and it is a right of passage that when one comes of age, they go off into their own tiny island to start their journey in
The civilization is at a steampunk level of technology, yet their thinking of still quite tribal due to the separation of the islands.
Inhabitants of this world travel between islands on flying machines such as ornithopters...
and airships...
In the world of
, people travel across air highways: pockets of air that make it easier to travel vast distances.

The ground down below is quite dangerous due to the existence of a substance that permeates through the world of
. As a result, people live in the skies and have much yet to explore on the grounds down below. They’re eventually there only when needed to mine the substance ælium which helps fuel their machines up above. In this world, ælium has affected plants and animals causing some of them to evolve with metallic parts. These parts have greatly influenced the steampunk culture and technology that the inhabitants use in their inventions.

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