Ælium consists of 4 states (working titles):
- solid - A crystallized form found on the lower ground, at the base of mountains, ruins, and dungeons.
Æliul - liquid - A liquid form that is like mercury in form but also binds with various Carbon-based life forms such as plants and animals.
Æl - gas - A billowing gaseous form that keeps aloft the floating islands of the world.
Æia - wavelength - a high energy state similar to Wi-Fi that is supercharged and used for communication and other applications. This state is fairly unresearched by the inhabitants of Ælia: some see it as magical, while others seek scientific methods to research it. Shamans channel from the Æia, downloading information, but seeing it as a spiritual experience.

All forms of Ælium have affected wildlife and plants. From metallic-petaled plants, to wire webs spun by spiders, to plants that grow nuts and bolts, nature has seemed to evolve around using this metal in its different forms to survive.

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