How guilds work can be found

The Aeronaughts

Guild of flight, connection, and trade, the
are a group of Sky-fairing pirates, well versed on vehicular flight and trade. Daredevils and Merchants, the Aeronaughts are not afraid of a dare or challenge, be it physical or mercantile.
Their motto: “If you can See it, you can Reach it”. Taken as more a mantra for outward expansion than anything, this guides the guild towards further exploration and travel.
Their main city, Skyhold, is a Hub of trade. The forefathers of the
attached propellors to a floating island, allowing it to travel. Skyhold has covered the land with its buildings, platforms, and roads, some platforms even extending beyond the island itself. Small flying message Ornithopters called Buzzers whiz around, carrying trade agreements, propositions and other documents faster than any bird. Aetherblimps land and take flight, carrying heavy cargo and passengers from Skyhold to another prominent trade city. Expensive Vertibikes speed along, carrying their affluent passengers to any destination in town, no walking required. Skyhold is one of the most diverse places around, a place where anyone can hitch a ride to and find whatever they are looking for, or sell whatever they can.
Their newest guild members start out learning the tools of the trade, and craft their own personal Buzzer as a rite of passage to their own independence and training. They will then train and fly on training vertibikes until they learn enough to make their own, becoming full fledged members and having the personal ability to travel

The Restorers

Believing the Gods are the builders of all the ruins in Ælia,
@The Restorers
seek to rebuild and repair the old foundations and ruins that are found throughout, believing it their holy mission for the eventual return of the Gods.

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