Creatures and Plants


: Crystalline dragon
: Scuttling 8 legged beast.
@Ribwort: Collectable Mushroom that has a meaty taste
: Rare Mushroom, valuable
: Soccerball-sized, floating mosquito-like monster that attacks in packs of 5 or more, draining blood from victims

Mountain Area

: mountainous goat.
: Subterranean animal that attacks unsuspecting animals and humans. Burrows into the earth, then moves 10-20 feet sideways and waits for tremors of unsuspecting prey.
: Tuber root with fern sprouts above ground, this root carries Metal that can hold electric charge, valuable plant for batteries and electronics.
Void Lotus


- A wonderfully simple metallic plant that blooms in summer with light metallic petals that are often sought for their strength and shape for fans and Scalemail.
: Boar-like creature with 4 metal tusks. Omnivore.
: Grazing goat-like animal with 1 large horn protruding from its head. Herds of 6+. Aggressive when provoked, rams player
: pig-like creature that eats up many different grasses and fauna. Creates metal bezoar/ingot deposits upon defeat.
: Sharp thorned flower with black petals. Only a Myth that it causes death.
: Rodent-like animals that feast on scraps and trash. Their warrens can contain many metal scraps.
: Simple multicolor mushroom that grows in the underbrush. Though it can be eaten for a small health gain, it’s usually searched for and crushed into different Dyes
: Elegant deer with Silver horns and hooves.
: Simple bulb flower

Forest Area

: metal quilled animal with shape spikes that dens in the undergrowth
- One of the trickier metal plants to deal with, this vine gets its name for the metallic thorns jutting out from its otherwise plant-like stem. This plant winds itself around trees and buildings and can ruin walls and roofing with its sharp demeanor.
: Thin metallic weed that is bendable and strong when wound together. Used often for lashings and tiedowns and rope.
@Titanus Beast
: large lion-like beast with Metal fangs and claws.
@Wisp willow
: The remarkable ability of life to propagate anywhere, this plant survives on the currents of Aether billowing out of natural and artificial vents. The seeds fall to the side of the currents and grow deep into the ground and very fine thin metal leaves/reeds Above. These metal leaves/reeds grow into and are pushed high into the air by the Aether, allowing easy access to the sun and to other Wispwillow plants. They often entangle together and create dozens of thin wispy metallic arches in the air. This can be collected for primitive wiring, and crafted into better wiring.
@Tube plant
: an amazing display of adaptation, these plants create conical and cylindrical tubes surrounding their plantlike reeds to help prevent being consumed by herbivores.
: Classic bush with Golden Berries
@Metal-Door spider
: At home in dark forests and caves, this behaves like a trap door spider, burrowing and creating a metallic web above, waiting for prey
Ableaf Tree:

Ruins/Old buildings

: Towering 10 foot Automatons that wander the ruins of old. These bipedal giants have 2 swords where their arms would be. They are neutral towards people unless that player takes anything from the ruins in their view, then they attack.
@Sensor Spheres
: Old technology, these 2 foot orbs float in the air and scan for any intruders. If found, they alarm other enemies and attempt to disable players with sound waves.
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