God Of Beasts (Was Vaelna, New name incoming) Gelrogg? Ritreox? Karryx?
I love the idea that His roar can be heard from anywhere. i wanna go a step further. if he is a "god" (i use quotations because in essense he is actually just a being thats powerful beyond what we can understand), i would say his roar transmits data to beings and he is able to command them, like wifi. therefore, he would also need some sort of tech parts on him, like antennae but somehow, that antennae are part of his mouth when she roars they vibrate. kinda like a Uvula
so i love the idea that he commands things. can be a great boss also (you dont have to killl him, once a certain amount of hp is left he could run away)
i was picturing like a komodo dragon type vibe
maybe the back of him can also be like antennae except they're like spikes/hairs
even the tongue could be an antennae
and would be a god of beasts

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