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August 2023 Update

💡 Major updates

Finalized pivot to our B2B2C model and launched our embedded payments platform.
Signed FuboTV as our first biller partner, representing $250k+ in projected annual revenue.
Negotiating partnership contracts with Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and US Mobile, representing $500k+ in annual revenue.
Active pipeline of partners including T-Mobile, SlingTV, Boost Mobile, Gen Mobile and Independent Pet Group.

➡️ What’s next

Closing Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and US Mobile in next 30 days.
Iterating on payments platform and optimizing underwriting and pricing.
To build on the momentum and accelerate our path to $3M+ in revenue run rate, we are officially opening a round of fundraising in October. More info to come soon, reach out if you want to learn more.

🙏 Asks

We’re always selectively looking for strategic angel investors who share our passion for this mission and bring deep expertise in fintech, payments, financial services or other related domains.
Let us know if you know anyone who is responsible for retention, marketing, customer experience, or product at a biller / service provider. Feel free to forward along our .
Mobile phone
Live TV / Cable
Internet & Utilities
We’re looking for strategic advisors with expertise in credit, insurtech, underwriting, or legal.

Additional resources

Company blurb - feel free to pass along

Founded by (xProduct leader @ Onward, Steady) and (xTech leader @ BLDUP, 3x eCommerce founder), is on a mission to eliminate the $250B+ in household bills that Americans miss each year because of temporary gaps in cashflow. Introducing , an embedded payments platform for billers that enables their customers to renew service now and pay later with loyalty, not debt. By leveraging ML-powered retention intelligence, Modern delivers a personalized payment experience that eliminates unnecessary churn and maximizes customer LTV for the biller, while helping millions of households maintain their essential services. After launching a B2C public beta, Modern pivoted to a B2B2C model in May 2023 and has already signed FuboTV and is negotiating deals with Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile, and US Mobile. Modern is backed by and a world-class team of industry advisors from Goldman Sachs, Climb Credit, UBS, PayPal.
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