World IA Day Location Planning Hub

Team Hub for planning your local World IA Day event

Make this your event planning hub

Customize and personalize this Coda doc for you and your team.
Use this to track key information, manage speakers/teams/sponsors/tools, and plan and keep updated on meetings.
Let the Global team know whether this is working for you!


A place to keep track of who’s on the team and what their role/responsibilities are.

Keep track of who’s speaking or presenting. Set up a form to collect speaker bios and profile pictures.


Tasks can be used to create a customized views in Gantt Timeline, Kanban Board, and Calendar formats.

Take notes to remember key discussions, decisions, and action items during a meeting.


Every event should have a budget. Plan out the costs of an event and determine what’s important to have.

Run-of-show, run sheet, cue sheet is a living document of what happens during an event from beginning to end.

Do you have everything you need? Keep notes of it all in this handy checklist.

Organizer Guide, templates, and examples

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