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Sometimes things go wrong, I get it. Life happens.
If something doesn’t work (and you can’t find the answer in this document) or if something is missing, reach out to me immediately to make it right.
If you accidentally damage or break something, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can find a resolution and replacement in time for the next guest.
You are welcome to use the soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning products, but please don’t take the bottles (or anything else) from the apartment. You can take the beach towels to the beach, but please remember to bring them back.
Please enjoy the welcome basket of snacks, but please don’t take the basket as I need to use it again.
The unit should have the following items. If anything is missing or broken (or gets damaged during your stay), please let me know.
Bath towels x2
Beach towels x1
Hand towel x1
Pillows and pillow cases (x3)
Decorative bedroom pillows x2
Fitted sheets x2
Flat sheets x2
Duvet covers x2
Duck feather winter duvet x1
Summer duvet x1
Summer cotton blanket x1
Queen-sized Coricraft bed, mattress, and mattress protector x1
Rechargeable bedside lamps x2
Bedside tables x2
Living room side table x1
Large plant holder bedroom x1
Decorative plants x3
Sleeper couch x1
Decorative couch pillows x4
Bathroom soaps, shampoo, and conditioner
Clothes drying rack
Bathroom plunger x1
Toilet brush x1
Bathroom drying floor stand x1
Hair dryer x1
Fridge (Hisense) x1
Ice trays x2
Handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner x1
Washing machine (Bosch) x1
Tumble dryer (Bosch) x1
Toaster x1
Kettle x1
Microwave oven LG x1
Dish drying rack x1
Cutting boards x3
Cutlery (fork, spoon, knife, teaspoon) x4
Steak knives x6
Sharp knives x2
Bread knife x1
Place mats x4
Tupperware x4
Scissors x1
Bottle & wine bottle opener x1
Can opener x1
Peeler x1
Chairs x4
Stirring spoons & spatulas x4
Table x1
Bar stools x2
Trash can x2
Pot x1
Pan x1
Coffee plunger x1
Plates x4
Bowls x4
Cups x6
Drinking glasses x4
Wine glasses x4
10-piece mixing and measuring set x1
Cleaning products
Art pieces x3
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