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The apartment should be squeaky clean on arrival (if it isn’t, let me know immediately and I’ll fix it).
You will find everything you might need to keep the apartment tidy yourself in the cupboards, including dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap, mops, brooms, floor towels and more. If you are staying for less than seven days and would like to get a cleaner, at your own expense, let me know and I can help arrange it.

Weekly cleaning

For stays of more than seven days, a free weekly cleaning will be included.
(I provide premium linen and towels for my guests, but unfortunately I am unable to provide fresh ones during your stay — feel free to wash yours if and when you need to)
South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, currently over 30% (source: ). Tourism plays a big part in creating jobs, not just by you supporting South African businesses but also including your stay in my place!
I only use cleaners who have passed background and criminal checks. We have never had any issues with theft, but also: please be responsible by not leaving valuables or money lying around.
Note that cleaning follows a set schedule and checklist each week. The cleaner will be able to enter the apartment to clean, whether you are there or not. If you don’t want them to come for any reason (once off, or at all during your stay), just let me know in advance. We will try, but they might not be able to accommodate other cleaning times. They will clean the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen, and if requested, wash your sheets and towels each week, but they won’t be responsible for any of your personal laundry (washing, folding, or ironing).
(I know that this might be a strange thing for some visitors —to have someone come in and clean up after you— but many workers in South Africa absolutely rely on this sort of income.)
To repeat: I will pay the cleaner once per week for long-term stays of more than one week; you don’t need to pay them anything. If you want them to come more than once a week, let me know and I can arrange that for you at your own cost. If you feel they have done an amazing job, feel free to give them a small tip. It will be appreciated, but it definitely isn’t expected of you.
If you aren’t comfortable with cleaners entering the property during your stay, please just let me know. I will make sure that they still receive their weekly wages.
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