Chapter 4: Postgame interviews

The game is over. You’ve prepared for the game. You’ve watch the game. Now, it’s time go to the press conference and/or locker room for the Postgame Interview. This is not a relaxed situation where you’re lobbing question after question. There is sometimes and two-minute rush-job after the game. You must always come prepared, listen closely while also thinking about follow up questions. GOALS: Specific reasons, elicit emotional responses or lucid explanations.


Interviews calender 1
Deadline 3
Postgame interviews
Readings, lectures, quiz, homework 1 (below)
​11:59 AM
Class 12
Postgame interviews
Introduction to interviews
Postgame interviews
Homework 2
​11:59 PM
Class 13
Postgame interviews
Review and prep for interviews + NGS quiz 3 (noun/pronoun agreement and football)
Field Assignment
Postgame interviews
Interview Clarke Center soccer coaches following games vs Loganville
​11:59 PM
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Background Readings

Gisondi, Chapter 3 (Getting the Most Out of an Interview)

Best Post Game Response Ever?

Back in October 2006, the Arizona Cardinals were not a very good football team. Entering their
Monday Night Football
tilt with the Chicago Bears, they had a record of just 1-4. The Cardinals led 23-3 with 8 seconds left in the third quarter before collapsing and losing 24-23. Bears went up on a 83-yard punt return for a touchdown and Arizona kicker Neil Rackers missed a 40-yard field goal at the buzzer. The normally mild-mannered coach Green was not happy.



Postgame homework 1

Find and watch a NBA or College basketball game. You are Maria Taylor or Steve Wyche. You are interviewing the coach or the star player immediately after the game. Give us your four best questions and tell us why you think those questions will help your readers/listeners better understand that game. Write a short post to the ch4_postgame channel for your instructor explaining your choices.

Postgame homework 2

Find and watch a NBA or College basketball game. Watch and maybe record the post game interviews. Write up a 300-word critique. What questions were asked? What did the reporter miss? Was the reporter on target? Did the coach implode like Dennis Green? What would have been your 3 to 4 questions for the coach or the player(s). Post to your instructor’s ch4_postgame2 channel.

Field assignment

You will cover either the Clarke Central girls’ or boys’ soccer games on Feb. 26 against Loganville. Afterwards, you’ll interview players and coaches and transcribe at least six relevant quotes and who said them. Turn in your transcripts via DM to your instructor, along with a short self-evaluation of which questions elicited good responses and which didn’t.
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