Assignments and grades

Class participation (10%): We expect you to be engaged and contribute to class discussions and activities. The best part of the sports media program is that each of you brings unique strengths and contributions to the program, and we want you all to push each other (and us) by working together and building skills.

Homework (15%): Most of our homework assignments are reviews and practicing for the field assignment. Work must be completed by the deadline for credit. Homework assessments are ungraded (they are diagnostics for us to review what you’re getting out of the background work) but must be completed for credit.

News/style/grammar quizzes (10%): We will have periodic discussions of grammar and AP style issues and will quiz you on them. Being able to follow the Associated Press style is a base-level requirement for virtually all jobs in sports media, as is accurate grammar and writing mechanics. Finally, most jobs require you to stay up to date on current developments, and ESPN is renowned for quizzing job applicants about the wide world of sports. You will have five quizzes that cover current news as well as grammar and style issues we will discuss in class. We recommend following the
, and the several times a week, if not daily, to stay up to date.

Portfolio (5%): You will create a professional website featuring your work to be used in job and internship applications. More information will be provided throughout the semester in the “Careers” classes.

Field assignments (NOTE: Field assignments should be turned in as Google Docs shared with your instructor via Slack.):
Stats 5%
Play-by-play 5%
Postgame interviews: 5%
Advances: 7.5%
Gamer 1 7.5%
Running gamer 15%
Social team coverage 5%

In most cases, we are still developing field assignments depending on how events take place amid the pandemic. More details will be provided in specific chapters.

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