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7. Live gamer


As soon as a game finishes, you should be able to communicate to audience what happened and why it happened. This is the culminating assignment of the semester: you will attend a collegiate or professional contest, cover it from the press box, and publish two stories. One, the live gamer, is due the minute the final out is called or the final whistle sounds. The second, the write-thru, is due generally 90 minutes after that, once you’ve had a chance to interview participants and can sit down to rewrite your live gamer (or use it as the basis for a stand-up script). It’s a rush, but after this semester, you’ll be ready for it.

Learning objectives

Students will...
Prepare for covering events on deadline
Work in a professional environment on deadline
Complete live gamers and write-thru stories

Assignment specifics

Activity 7_1: Find a televised game in any sport of your choosing. Find at least two reporters covering the game as beat writers and follow them on Twitter during the game. Capture all their Tweets and, after the game, look for all the stories they publish about the game both in the moment and in the 24 hours or so afterward. (If you need help with paywalls, talk to your instructor.) Copy or embed everything into a single doc and post to the 07gamer1_ channel for your instructor with the following commentary:
What did these reporters focus on as the key reasons the game turned out the way it did?
Does that fit with what you saw in the game or were there other reasons?
Did the material they tweeted end up in their final game stories? Should it have?
What made their stories compelling or boring? What could they have done better?

Field assignment


Write a short summary of the event you’re covering noting records, key players, potential storylines, and statistical highlights for each team. Write some personal notes on your writing strategy and what you plan to include in your story. DM to your instructor the night before the event to which you’re assigned.


Tweet pregame and at least once per inning/three times per half with scores, context, and interesting moments in the game.


A 400-word live gamer in Google Docs is due at the final whistle/final out and will be time-checked. Instructors will assign deadlines for the write-thru at the game, generally 90 minutes after the conclusion but potentially differing based on conditions. The write-thru can take one of two forms:
500-word gamer in Google Docs. DM to your instructor.
60 second video recap focused on which play/sequence and or player(s) determined the game outcome and how that compared with pre-game predictions. Post to Youtube; DM link to your instructor.

Follow up

Within 48 hours of the game’s conclusion, send the following as Google docs to your instructor via DM:
A 600-word story providing more detail and context about the game and what the team faces in its next game.
Live gamer plans
Live gamer 1: Introduction and strategy
11:59 PM
Acitivty 7_1
Live-gamer 2: in-class practice + news quiz 5
Live gamer 3: review
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