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Visual Elements

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Headline Typeface

Tusker Grotesk resembles the current logo. Its stature makes Pobre feel more established yet grounded in a modern context.
The brand uses Tusker Grotesk in 6500 Medium.

Pobre Coda_Typeface - Tusker.png

Body Typeface

Roslindale Text is a romantic serif that adds a refinement & polish to Pobre. It softens the strength of Tusker Grotesk & the Logo with its sharp serifs, adding flair representative of Pobre’s turn from fast casual meals to slow dinner services.
Pobre uses Roslindale Text in Regular, Medium, Bold, and Italic.

Pobre Coda_Typeface - Roslindale.png

Complementary Typeface

ED Mentasta adds a third, expressive voice to Pobre’s lineup of typefaces. As social dining is encouraged here, this flamboyant cursive font inspires words to dance to readers’ eyes, showing how fun & memorable their evening will be when spent at Pobre.
Pobre only uses ED Mentasta in Regular.

Pobre Coda_Typeface - ED Mentasta.png

Recommended Use

With 3 typefaces at your disposal, following the recommended hierarchy, Pobre has a lot of room to be creative with arranging text in a layout.

Pobre Coda_Typeface Sample 1.png

Pobre Coda_Typeface Sample 2.png

Pobre Coda_Typeface Sample 3.png
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