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Brand Application


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Discover A Bold New World

The brand engages with diners, and invites them into Pobre's world - one that's colorful, dense, and bursting with flavor.
These are some recommendations on how we can use the branding.

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Pobre Placemat 2.jpg
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The following images are only sample recommendations to illustrate the subjects or type of photography Pobre can consider focusing on.

Relive moments

Choose imagery that evoke a wanderlust in people who see it. These help conversations going about where the photo could be taken, or if Pobre’s diners have had the chance to visit, and they have fond stories to share about their experiences.

Tactile & analog

Using film isn’t required, but the tactile, analog qualities of film photography give images a sense of time, allowing subjects to feel like special occasions meant to be reminisced.



Plate Postcards.jpg

Encourage people to share stories

Facilitate a space conducive for conversation. Have the postcards & photos in locations where people might gather, like waiting by the entrance or displayed on the tables as decor.
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