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Creative Strategy

Brand Philosophy

A story of flavors, rediscovered and shared

Pobre represents our food's heritage by doing what Filipino cuisine does best - remixing and reinterpreting a breadth of bold flavors into dishes that allow us to discover new ways of eating. Like a friend coming back from a trip abroad, Pobre invites its diners into an inspiring environment for the exchange and sharing of stories.
Eat in Pobre, and discover a bold new world.

Design Challenge

How might we excite diners over the reinterpretation of heritage flavors?


Dynamic reinterpretation and rediscovery
The history of Filipino cuisine is grounded in reinterpretation of different cultures, and the flavors that they’ve brought into our palates. Pobre encourages diners to discover these flavors by showcasing them, remixed to Pobre’s own naturally playful spirit to provide memorable dinners that bring people together.

Brand Values

The following are the values for the brand identity of Pobre but are not necessarily its official corporate or operational values.

🗺 Inspiring Discovery

Representing the dining experience

Pobre is committed to inspiring wonder & curiosity in its customers to discover both new & familiar Filipino flavors.

🤹 Remixed & Reinterpreted

Representing Pobre’s cooking philosophy

Pobre values both its roots & reinterpretation of Filipino cuisine to give people a taste of something that is both uniquely Filipino & distinctly Pobre.

🍷 Indulgent Comfort

Representing Pobre’s service

From a quick lunch & dinner service restaurant to a slower, sit-down dinner place, Pobre gives importance to the atmosphere & service for people to enjoy the food & each other’s company to their fullest.

🤝 Recommendations

① Build discovery into the experience (e.g. descriptions of ingredients, ways to eat the dishes)
Spark curiosity & present Filipino cuisine as something enticing to a European audience by communicating a modern interpretation of Filipino cuisine but rooted in familiar nuances.

② Allow diners to share their stories in the space (notes in tables, postcard bowl)
Design the interiors to help people maximize the conversations & interactions they have with the people they’re enjoying the evening with. Have pieces that people can talk & convene around, with nothing to obstruct between them & a good time.

③ Give the space character through texture and heritage accent pieces
Show people what Pobre can serve now through pieces that tell diners how far Pobre has come from its days in Kamppi. Make every visit to the restaurant a special one by making the space also feel special & memorable.

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