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Interior Patterns


The patterns take inspiration from the textures of the space - from the tiles to the furniture, all visuals work together in harmony to create a cohesive, yet visually dynamic space.
The patterns included in the turnover are the following:
Pobre Coda_Pattern 1.png

Pobre Coda_Pattern 3.png
Pobre Coda_Pattern 2.png

Pobre Coda_Pattern 4.png

Each pattern comes in a range of color combinations to allow Pobre to use them flexibly. They’re also available as whole vector files that can be enlarged & scaled down freely. They’re vector graphic images and not swatches, so always scale them proportionately.

Pobre Coda_Pattern Combo.png

Sample Applications

The patterns shine best when occupying large frames or spaces, or as borders.
Pobre Food Container.jpg
Pobre Placemat 3.jpg

Things to Avoid

As the patterns are very heavy visually, if the pattern’s colors have a high contrast, it is not best to have text over them. Place the text in a container, lower the pattern’s contrast, or move the text to another side of the plane.
Pobre Coda_Pattern Bad 1.png

Pobre Coda_Pattern Bad 2.png

Pobre Coda_Pattern Good 1.png

Pobre Coda_Pattern Good 2.png
Maintain a refined use of the patterns. Avoid combinations & executions that are too experimental that veer away from Pobre’s intention of giving people a refreshed & remixed Filipino dining experience.

Pobre Coda_Pattern Combo copy.png

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