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Update Scorecard

Scorecard is the dashboard of the entire company/ functional department that tells you its health.
Create Measurables and Goals according to the established process. After 1 to 3 months of using Scorecard, the team has practical experience and adjusts it to be closer to the demand.

Create & Manage Measurables

Step 1: Drafting:
Start with a weekly lagging indicator by quantifying roles in the Organization Chart.
Develop weekly leading indicators to acquire this lagging indicator by basing on current processes of your company.
Think of a goal for the lagging indicator.
Think of goals for the leading indicators to hit the goal for the lagging indicator.
Make sure that everyone in your company has at least 1 Measurable.
Step 2: Fill in the form
From Left Menu Side Bar → Scorecard → Create Measurable
Step 3: Save data
Hit Save and done!

Update data

Before each Weekly Meeting, each employee fills in their data for the last week.
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