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Update Rocks

Rocks are the Priority Goals of each quarter (90 days) to get closer to the 1-year plan in the Vision Tool. There should be 3-7 Rocks per quarter.
There are 3 levels of Rocks:
Company Rocks: Rocks of the entire Company
Departmental Rocks: Rocks of a Department
Individual Rocks: Rocks of each employee

Create & Manage Rocks

Step 1: From Left Menu Side Bar → Rocks → Create Rocks
Based on the 1-Year Goals and Long-term Issues in the tool Vision, what are priorities to be done this quarter? (There should be 3-7 Rocks per quarter).
Step 2: Write Description
What does Success look like when the Rock is done?
Step 3: Add milestones to Rocks
Each milestone is an activity towards the completion of Rocks. Deadline of the final Milestone should happen before the Rock deadline to leave enough time to solve unexpected issues.
Step 4: Create and see the results
You’re finished creating Rocks. Now you can track the progress of each member’s rocks easily (Showing at percentage of completion and status). There are 3 statues for a Rock: On track, Off Track, and Done.

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