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Build your dashboard

Dashboard is a data center used to collect and aggregate data of the entire organization. The dashboard provides an overview of all aspects of the organization's business so that the presentation is easy to understand and comprehensive in just one screen.

Create New Dashboard

Create and manage many dashboards simultaneously to keep track target and data quickly
Step 1. From Left Menu Side Bar, choose Dashboard → Select Dashboard → Create Dashboard
Step 2. Add name of dashboard → Create

Add Widget

Widgets are available data block templates including: Rocks, Scorecard, Headlines, Issues, Todos, and more. You can filter to display according to your wish.

Add Widget Rocks

Step 1: Click Add Widget
Step 2: Choose Widget Rocks
Step 3: Add filter
Choose the filter that suits your data tracking desires. For example, I want to see all the rocks of the members, I will choose the filter as shown in picture below:
Step 4: Add Widget and see the results
Step 5: Resize, change Widget’s name

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