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TraceGains Overview

Welcome to the TraceGains Knowledge Hub!

What is TraceGains?

A cloud-based supplier compliance, quality and safety management system where updated records are kept in real time.

How can Topco utilize TraceGains?

TraceGains can be utilized in a variety of ways:
Access supplier facility information:
Facility Address
Facility Audit/Certification Status
Supplier Contact Information
Access product information:
Common Name
Formula ID provided by supplier
Ingredient Statement
Nutritional Information
Manufacturing Location
Country of Origin
Access to Market Hub:
Quick access to raw materials, packaging, and finished goods from TraceGains Network suppliers
Ability to connect with suppliers to instantly collect documentation or request samples
Search for ingredients, products, and services based on country of origin, organic, non-GMO, kosher, etc

Getting Started


Feel free to reach out to the TraceGains Support Team here at Topco:
Parichard Sangern, Quality Systems Manager:
Bill Andrews, Supplier Management Specialist:
Jeniece Goellner, Product Management Associate Manager:
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